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A Lasting Impression

Leaf art inspired by fallFull disclosure: I am a craft geek.

Seriously, it’s true. And the holidays bring out the best (and sometimes the worst) in me. Having a child in pre-school who brings home a variety of homemade projects also helps encourage my crafting tendencies.

This fall, I used curled strips of paper to decorate a turkey feather for a giant turkey my daughter’s class was making for Thanksgiving. We added red, orange, yellow and two shades of green. My daughter has been perfecting the use of scissors so she thoroughly enjoyed this, along with the gluing. We glued the strips, dried black beans and glitter on the feather to make a pattern that, in our eyes, was reminiscent of a turkey feather.

Leaf art inspired by fallEvery fall, we also send out homemade Thanksgiving cards to family and friends. Last year, we outlined my children’s little hands and decorated turkeys on each card. This year, inspired by Ohio’s great fall show, we collected leaves, painted them in a variety of colors and pressed the patterns on the fronts of cards. To add extra glitz, we used glitter paint to trace the leaf veins in silver and rose.

Leaf art inspired by fallWhen collecting leaves, make sure to gather those that are still soft vs. crunchy. You want to be able to paint each leaf with a brush full of paint and then gently put it on paper, pressing along its shape to get the full image. A crunchy leaf in this case would only break to pieces either by the pressure of your brush or the weight of your fingertips as you manipulate it on the paper.

Then, let the leaf shapes dry before tracing leaf veins with a glitter pen or tipped paint tube.

Hopefully these leaf cards will inspire you to create art inspired by your garden.

Shadows & Light

I love the way the sun filters through trees, forming an intricate drama between shadow and light as the leaves dance in the wind.

Light filtering through tree leaves

Coral Reefs in the Sky

It’s not often a perfect combination of bitter cold, ice crystals, a dusting of snow, bright blue backdrops and sunshine create coral reefs in the sky.

Coral Reefs in the Sky