In recent years there have been impressive improvements to the design of the plastic pallet. With more choice than ever before, plastic pallets offer a safer, cleaner and more durable alternative to other pallets on the market today. 

Accurate Sizing And Better Strength

Because they have been moulded under intense pressure in precise and polished moulds, plastic pallets offer excellent consistency in both dimensions and loading capacity. This is especially apparent when it comes to fitting products onto the pallets and loading them onto transport. 

They Last 10 Times Longer

Plastic pallets also offer a lifespan of over 10 years. Compared to wooden pallets, this is 10 times longer than wooden pallets in a closed loop distribution cycle. 

A Sensible Investment

It is true that investing in plastic pallets is more expensive than wooden pallets, but this investment will pay huge dividends over the years. Depreciation of plastic pallets is much lower than their wooden counterparts, and so you will get an excellent return on your initial investment. 

Recycle And Reuse

If you are looking to improve your green credentials, plastic pallets are environmentally friendly and move away from wooden pallets that may use wood from unsustainable forestry. What's more, these pallets are 100% recyclable. 

No More Nails Or Splinters

One of the biggest problems with wooden pallets is their health and safety failings. A wooden pallet over time can start to split and cause splinters. Rogue nails can cause nasty scratches and other more serious injuries that could potentially require a hospital visit. Rusty nails can also pose a tetanus risk. 

No More Dust Contamination Problems

Because plastic pallets do not hold any hidden areas where dust or dirt can collect; they are much more hygienic than other pallets. Wooden pallets can be susceptible to what is known as 'blue stain mould' and this can be unsightly and unhygienic. 

Suitable For Hygienic Areas

If you are responsible for cool rooms, clean rooms or any other area where good hygiene practices are important, plastic pallets are the perfect solution. Because they are easy to clean and feature a smooth design, they ensure much better hygiene levels. 

Easy Cleaning

One of the problems with wooden pallets is that their rough exterior makes them almost impossible to clean without degrading the wood. Plastic pallets, on the other hand are easy to steam clean and to remove any impurities from. This is good peace of mind for you and good peace of mind for your customers.