Is there an old or broken lying in your garage or store? If so, you should know that recycling them can free up valuable storage space and earn you some few dollars. However, to recycle it and fetch some money, you need to prepare the appliance before presenting it to a scrap yard. Here are some valuable steps that you can take if you want to sell your old refrigerator as scrap metal.

Remove the refrigerant

Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners have refrigerant gasses which can cause damage to the ozone layer when exposed to the atmosphere. Refrigerators usually contain a refrigerant known as Freon, and it is essential for you to handle it before scrapping the appliance. The best way to deal with this gas is by calling a refrigerant gas removal service so that they can remove the gas in an environmentally friendly manner. The other option you have is finding a scrap yard that collects refrigerators that still contain the gas.

Remove the shelves

Some refrigerators have shelves that are made of aluminum metal. Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal which is highly valuable in scrap yards. It has a high resistance to corrosion even when exposed to humidity, and this makes it suitable for use in refrigerators. If the shelves are made of aluminum, remove them and set them aside so that they won't get damaged as you dismantle the appliance. Also, remove the rails that support the shelves if they are made of aluminum.

Remove back wires

The wires at the back of your refrigerator can be valuable to the scrappers. Get a wire cutter and remove them carefully. Note that not all of them may be valuable; therefore, you need to separate the ferrous from non-ferrous ones. Ferrous metals are magnetic, and they are not as valuable as non-ferrous ones as they tend to rust easily. Use a magnet to separate them and ease the work for the scrapper. If there are any ferrous metals, they will be attracted to the magnet.

Break down the refrigerator

After removing the aluminum shelves and wires, you may need to cut down the appliance into pieces for easy transportation. You will need a chainsaw, a pair of goggles, and protective gloves. If you have the tools and protective wear, cut the refrigerator into two or three pieces. However, if you don't have these tools at hand, ask the recycling company to pick it up for you. Most scrap yards have trucks or trailers that are used to transport scrap metal to their location.

At the scrapper, the metal will be assessed, and you will be paid based on its type, condition, and weight. Don't forget to recycle other old or broken appliances in your home as well.