Stressed? Get Outside … STAT!

outside runningAt some point, the weather will warm up, and taking a walk or run outside during a work time lunch will sound like a good idea.

According to a recent report in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, this is actually a great idea … because not only does it help you soak in some Vitamin D and get some exercise, but it could also considerably reduce stress.

Studies show exercising in nature results in less fatigue, reduced anxiety, less hostility, more positive thoughts and an overall feeling of invigoration, Outside magazine reports. What’s more, sunlight exposure boosts production of white blood cells, which helps the body combat disease. Sunlight also increases the number of red blood cells, thereby increasing the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity and improving muscular endurance.

Finnish researchers in the Journal‘s study reported: “Findings suggest that even short-term visits to nature areas have positive effects on perceived stress relief compared to built-up environments.”

Read more in the Landscape Insider e-newsletter.

What are you waiting for? Go outside!

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